Blanket scarves are one of the best things about winter fashion. They come in so many colors and patterns and can be worn a million different ways! Blanket scarves aren’t just meant to be scarves! Here are a few of my favorite ways to style them.

  1. With a belt: if you want to create a vest out of your scarf, put the middle of the scarf around your neck and let the long parts hang in front. Secure the scarf around your waist with a belt to keep it in place.blanket
  2. As a shawl: Wear the scarf around your shoulders as a shawl or like a poncho! It is a warm and easy way to wear a blanket scarf.
  3. The classic way: Around your neck! Sometimes I avoid wearing my blanket scarves this way because it can sometimes feel like they are suffocating me. But other times when I am freezing (the Midwest is COLD!) the chunkiness of blanket scarves is warm and welcome.
  4. Like a bandana: Tie the corners of the scarf around the back of your neck so the scarf looks sort of like a bandana. This is a really trendy, cool way to wear your scarf.

Can you think of other creative ways to wear blanket scarves?

XOXO, Chels