Summertime is the best time, filled with sun, friends, and lots of outdoor concerts to attend!  If you’ve ever been to an outdoor concert, then you know just how fun they can be.  There are several guidelines you should follow when picking out your outfit, considering how hot and stuffy outdoor concerts usually are!  Here’s a little help. 🙂

Chelsea Crockett - Concert OutfitUnlike music festivals, you won’t have a long day filled with tons of different concerts and events.  In this case, you don’t have to consider the heat and sun as much as you would at a day-long festival.  Usually outdoor amphitheater concerts are at night, so you shouldn’t be too hot and sweaty!  First, you’ll need to consider the main look you’re going for.  I suggest a cute romper or high waisted shorts and a nice shirt/tank.  The picture on the left is a perfect example!  A jean skirt, with an off-the-shoulder shirt and double braids is so cute!Chelsea Crockett - Concert Outfit

Although you won’t go as “all out” as you would for a full music festival, you can still accessorize just as much.  Depending on the weather, you might even have to bring along a jacket for when the sun goes down!  The picture on the right is a super cute look too if you want to be a little more casual.

What are you wearing next time you go to an outdoor concert?  Let me know below, I may copy your look for this summer! 🙂

Xoxo – Chelsea