So, you have blonde hair and pale skin.  You love how some colors look on you and hate others.  Why is that?  Well, everyone has certain colors that look best on them based off their skin tone and hair color.  Everyone is different, so choosing the right colors is important for a killer outfit!

            Having blonde hair usually means you have lighter skin, which calls for special color choices.  If you have blue eyes, then definitely go for a royal or icy blue.  This will really highlight your eyes without making you look washed out.  Pink and green are also complementary colors for blonde haired people.  Pink will give you that “cool” complexion, while green enhances gold hues in your hair.  Last, nudes, neutrals, and silver are also a safe bet for blondes.  These colors add warmth to your complexion making you appear to be tanner than you are.Chelsea Crockett- neutral colors

            Deep and bold toned colors are best for brunettes.  Since brunettes typically have a more olive or tanner complexion, it’s easier to pull off bold colors.  The true winners for brunettes are red, orange, and jewel-toned colors such as plum, ruby, emerald green, and gold.  All of these colors highlight the dark tones in your hair and can pull out red hues if you happen to have a red tint in your hair, such as auburn.  All of these colors complement your skin tone and hair color at once. 

            If you have red hair, make sure to avoid red, yellow, and orange in your wardrobe.  These color choices would be overkill for your complexion giving it a reddish tint.  Instead go for greens, navy blue, lavender, and shades of brown.  These colors will complement your skin tone, keeping your skin from looking red.  For a burst of color try turquoise to really bring out your red hair.

            Knowing how to work your hair color and skin tone are important for a to-die-for look.  Next time you’re out shopping, keep an eye out for these specific colors!