I’d have to admit, one of my favorite things about cold weather is choosing which pair of boots to wear each day!  Some may say I’m a boot hoarder, but what can I say…a girl can never have too many boots!    As crazy as it may sound, each style of boots carry a certain style and vibe.  Which boots fit your personality?

  • Combat boots: Do you consider yourself edgy, a rebel, or laid-back? Do you love throwing on army inspired clothing, plaid, or beanies? Then combat boots are the boots for you!
  • Riding boots: These boots are for the ultimate prep. If you consider yourself a perfectionist, a Ralph Lauren lover, or button-up wearer, then these are your perfect pair of boots!
  • Ankle boots: Whether you like to sleep-in and throw on clothes in the morning or consider yourself a busy-body traveling the world, a solid pair of ankle bootsChelsea Crockett- ankle boots are the way to go! They can typically go with any outfit and give off a laid back, yet high-fashion vibe. These are also perfect if you love to cuff your jeans or wear ankle skinny’s.
  • Booties: Are you a girly-girl who loves going out and dressing up? Then snag a pair of booties to dress up any outfit in a flash!
  • Over-the-knee boots: These are the ultimate boots. If you love taking risks with your fashion game then we’ve found the perfect pair of you! They’re edgy, daring, and high-end.

Never be afraid to step up your boot game!  They’re the perfect edition to any outfit!