Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to find your perfect bathing suit!  Everyone’s bodies are made differently, so it’s important to find the swimsuit that is most flattering for you.

If you play sports, you’re bound to have an athletic build.  If this is the case, go for a swimsuit with ruffles.  The girly flare will add to a somewhat muscular frame. Chelsea Crockett- swimsuits It is also helpful if you are smaller chested.  You can even try a floral print to carry on the feminine trend.  If you find yourself to be curvier, try a triangle top with underwire for support and thick sided bottoms.  Both provide maximum coverage, while still looking fabulous!  Girls who are tall and lanky need to go for a bathing suit with ties on the side of the bottoms.  When you tie the sides into bows, it makes you appear curvier than you are!  It’s an easy way to change up your shape.

Many people do not know the importance of finding the right bathing suit.  It can make all the difference.  Fell your best ever this summer and remember to love your body!