Winter is in the air, you can feel it!  Where I live, the temperature’s dropping very quickly this season!  One day it’s 55 degrees and the next it’s 20!  I’m always looking for sporty, stylish clothes to keep me warm while I enjoy winter sports like running or ice skating.  Some of my favorite winter brands are Patagonia, The North Face, and Columbia.Chelsea Crockett - Patagonia

These brands offer cute styles of jackets that are form fitting and keep you warm and dry.  The coats are compressible for packing for a snow ski trip and lightweight for just hanging with friends around an open fire.  Many of their styles have removable or adjustable hoods.  The quality of these brands are exceptional.  Their outer shells are often insulated, breathable, waterproof, and most of all….super fashionable!  The choices are endless.

Boots, pants, gloves, hats, etc. are all offered from these companies.  You can’t go wrong with the combination of warmth plus style!  Whatever your sport may be, you will be pleased with the durability and protection needed for outdoor fun.

If you’re into snow skiing or snowboarding, these three brands are 100% the way to go. They have the perfect clothing for you to gear up against the cold (and look cute doing it!). These brands are also perfect for a Christmas gift. Grab a gift card, or a couple cute accessories and you’re set! Who wouldn’t love that?  Check out these brands below!

Happy winter! – Chelsea

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