How much do you wear belts? My guess is only when your pants need assistance staying on your tush. Your winter wardrobe this year is dependent on them! Belts, that is. You can build your outfit around them and use them to accessorize! You can also use them to shape your clothes to your body. Bold belts can transform a simple ensemble into a stylish outfit. Here are 3 ways to use belts in your wardrobe this winter!belt 3

  1. Blanket Scarf: Do you ever wonder what the best way to wear your blanket scarf is? They are so thick that sometimes it is difficult to style them. Belts transform your blanket scarf into a cute vest! Layer your scarf over a simple tee, drape it over your shoulders, and tie a belt around the middle. This gives you some curves and adds layers to your look.
  2. Cape: Wear a classy cape with a belt around the middle! It breaks up the simplicity of the cape and, like the option above, it gives you some shape.
  3. Printed: This last option is the simplest of all. Wear a patterned belt, like leopard print, with a simple shirt and jeans for a simple but sassy outfit. If you want to wear a simple neutral sweater with jeans, wearing a printed belt takes your outfit to the next level.

Belt it up!

XOXO, Chels