There’s an endless variety of exercise fashion. Nike shorts, Lulu Lemon headbands, and fun water bottles are just a few of the hundreds of popular trends for working out! With winter here, you won’t be wearing many shorts and tank tops on your daily runs. Since the temperatures have dropped, here’s what hot for the cold :)!

  • Patterned running tights are so cute and stylish to exercise in! Chelsea Crockett - Nike Running TightsTights, like the ones on the right, come in tons of different colors and patterns. You can find them almost anywhere including Target, Nike, Under Armour, online, etc. Some leggings are insulated with fur and others have cool reflector patterns so you can run at night! Check them out online or click here :).
  • Ear warmers are some of best things to own in the cold months. My favorite brand to sell these are LuLu Lemon. They have lots of different reversible patterns and colors. They don’t only keep your ears warm but can be worn with outfits apart from exercising!
  • High neckline hoodies and jackets have made a statement this winter. If you’re looking for one, Nike is definitely the place to find it! They have both zip-ups and hoodies that have a high neckline that keeps you warm when you’re out in the cold!
  • Lastly, puffy vests are fashionable and warm for the cold, outside temperatures. Most are insulated and zip up to protect not only your torso, but your neck from the wind and weather, too. You can find lightweight ones that are almost weightless to run in.

What’s your go-to winter exercise outfit? Let me know below!

Love, Chels