Do you hate going jean shopping?  The sizes are crazy, some are too short or too long, they fit in the waist, but are too tight in the thighs, the color is weird, etc.  There are so many crazy reasons why jean shopping can stink!  I’m sure many of you can relate when I say that some styles of jeans look awkward on me.  Well, I’m going to help you find your perfect jean for your body type!Chelsea Crockett- jeans

Curvy body type: Try a solid colored jean.  When the jean is faded, it can create the illusion of a thicker leg.  No one wants that!  Also, try rolling your jeans at the hem.  This will add width at the hem, which balance out the hips.  Slim skinny jeans will also flaunt your figure!

Long legs:  If you’ve got long legs, then you’ll want to show them off!  Try buying jeans that are tight in the thighs and wide at the leg.  This will make your legs look even longer and really show them off!

If you’re short: Tight skinny jeans can actually make you look shorter.  Try a pair of loose jeans that don’t hug your body.  They’ll create a good illusion.

Hopefully this little guide helps you on your next jean shopping adventure!!


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