It’s beginning to be that time of the year again; warm weather, the anticipation of summer, and oh yeah, the sun!  Finding your perfect pair of sunglasses is essential to any spring/summer wardrobe.  Since it’s starting to get nice out, you’ll be spending less time indoors and more time outside enjoying the weather!  Not only do sunglasses protect your eyes, but they add a special flare to any outfit as well!Chelsea Crockett- wayfarer sunglasses

            Begin by knowing your face.  Look in the mirror and determine what type of face structure you have (circle, oval, heart, square).  This will help you find the most flattering pair of sunglasses for your face!  If you have a round face, stay away from big, oval or circle shaped sunglasses.  They will make your face seem larger than it is.  Instead, opt for a pair of wayfarers.  The rectangle structure will add a good balance to your facial structure!  If you have a square or heart shaped face, then big sunglasses are for you!  Try a dramatic, circular pair of glasses.  The difference in structure will add a nice balance to your face.

Once you’ve found your perfect pair of sunglasses, then you’re prepared to take on the summer sun.  Remember, it’s all about balance, so know your face!