St. Patrick’s Day is just an excuse for lots of fun and good food! Whether you’re having a St. Patty’s class celebration or a party with your friends, you’ll need some themed, green treats to snack on. I’ve seen hundreds of ideas on Pinterest, but here are three that are not only delicious but simple as well!

  • Lucky Charm® Rice Krispie® Treats. These are so easy and fun to make! All you need is a recipe for homemade Rice Krispie® Treats. Then you can go one of two ways: either dye the butter green before mixing your ingredients or use green colored marshmallow (either way works!). After following your recipe but before separating them into squares, add in Lucky Charm® marshmallows! That’s all there is to it!Chelsea Crockett - Lime Sherbet Floats
  • Lime Sherbet Floats.  Since you’re going to have so many yummy treats, you’ll need something to quench your thirst. Lime sherbet floats will do the trick! All you need are a few cartons (or however many you need to serve your friends!) of lime, green ice cream. For the soda, pick whatever you like best! I prefer either 7-Up® or Sprite®. For tastiest results, use a lemon-lime flavored soda!
  • Rainbow Fruit Kabobs. Since I’m all for healthy treats, fruit kabobs are not only perfect for taste but decoration too! You’ll need these ingredients: purple grapes, blueberries, kiwis, pineapples, cantaloupe, and raspberries (or strawberries)! Stack them on wooden skewers in that exact order, like a rainbow (which is another St. Patrick’s Day theme!).


Let me know how your treats turn out :)!