When you saw the title of this blog, did it make you drool a little bit? Don’t be ashamed if it did, because I totally drooled too. It is drool worthy! In celebration of the wonderful, pumpkin-filled season that is autumn, I have decided to share yet another pumpkin inspired recipe! This one is a cool, sweet, crunchy treat that is sure to be a crowd fav.


  • Dreyer’s Butterfinger ice cream
  • Fun-size Butterfinger candy barsbutterfinger 2
  • Chocolate chips
  • Green gummy candy

Place unwrapped fun-size Butterfingers in a plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Place the crushed candy on a plate and roll a scoop of Butterfinger ice cream into the crumbs, making sure the whole ball of ice cream is covered. Place each rolled scoop into a small serving bowl and decorate them like Jack-O-Lanterns with chocolate chips! Use green gummies for the stem.

Sweet pumpkin treats, no carving required! 😉

XOXO, Chels