Happy (almost) fall y’all! The weather where I live is starting to change and get cooler, and I love it. You can smell fall in the air! Pumpkin spiced everything is back, the leaves are starting to change, fall is just the best! Caramel apples are another deliciously wonderful thing about autumn. The only problem with them is that they are so messy and hard to eat. Here is an easy way to enjoy caramel apples in a bite-sized



  • 2 very large Fuji apples
  • 3 1/2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 cup caramels, melted
  • Chopped pecans
  • Popsicle sticks

Slice the apples into half inch slices. Remove the seeds. Melt chocolate in microwave for 2 minutes, then stir in coconut oil until smooth. Dip the apple slices in chocolate and place them on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Place the caramels in a glass bowl and microwave for 40-60 seconds. Stir until smooth, and drizzle the melted caramel over the apples and sprinkle with nuts. Refrigerate them for an hour, then enjoy!


This is perfect for when you have a sweet tooth but don’t want to make the commitment to a whole desert.

XOXO, Chels