Pie and ice cream, who doesn’t love that famous combination?! Mixing the two together is like heaven on a plate! So how could you turn the two into a shake?  It’s simpler than you’d think and the combinations are endless!Chelsea Crockett- blueberry pie shake

Turning a pie into a shake may sound weird to some of you! I promise it’s delicious.  All you need is a blender, ice cream, and your favorite flavor of pie.  Place one cup of ice cream and a slice of pie in the blender, but get rid of the end crust of the pie!  Blend the two together and enjoy!  You’ve got a thick and creamy shake!  Some of my favorite combinations are cinnamon ice cream and apple pie, butterscotch ice cream and peach pie, and vanilla ice cream and blueberry pie!

This sweet treat is perfect to make when you’ve got left over pie from a get-together or holiday! It’s also totally acceptable to run to the store and grab a pie!  When you have a sweet tooth, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do!

I hope you enjoy this wacky shake!