Hey everyone!

            Halloween’s right around the corner, which means bonfires, hayrides, parties, and other festivities are, too!  If you’re hosting (or helping host) a Halloween-themed party, you’re going to need fun and festive treats for your guests to snack on.  Below are a few creative and decorative ideas for yummy foods and snacks!

            Chelsea Crockett - Apple PlatterAll candy and sweets aside, fun appetizers are a perfect way to kick off your party.  One of my favorite ideas is a dipping platter for apples.  Get an oval shaped platter and spread an eight ounce tub of cream cheese in the middle of the platter.  Then lay apple slices all around the outer ring of the cream cheese!  Drizzle some caramel sauce on top and bon appetite!

            The most important part of Chelsea Crockett - Ghost PretzelsHalloween, is the sweets!  Anything dipped in chocolate is perfect for me, so this treat is a cute idea and so yummy!  Take a bunch of pretzels sticks and dip about one third of each them into white chocolate.  Then, take black icing and draw little faces on them for the resemblance of ghosts!  Some stores even sell little icing pens to make it a lot easier for decorating.

             Another dessert idea is to make spider cupcakes.  Ice your cupcakes with chocolate icing and use strips of black licorice for legs.  Small marshmallows with a dot of black icing in the middle will work for eyes.  It’s a silly way to celebrate the season.  Enjoy this time of year with family, friends, and the tasty treats that come with it!

                                                Happy Halloween!