Iced coffee is my love. It is refreshing, sweet, and packs an energy punch that gets me over my morning hump. The only issue with iced coffee is that it needs to be brewed at night and then chilled in the fridge overnight so it will be ready for your morning cuppa Joe. Want to save yourself that trouble? Plus, do you want to find out how you can make your coffee HEALTHY? Read on!


  • 1-3 TSP instant coffee grounds
  • Cold water
  • Vanilla almond milk or Soy milk coffee creamer
  • Ice

Mix the coffee grounds with however much cold water you want. Stir stir stir reallllly well so that the grounds dissolve. Then, add vanilla almond milk or soy milk creamer to sweeten your coffee, and then fill the rest of the glass up to the top with ice. I like to make my iced coffee in a mason jar just because it makes me feel rustic and adorable. 😉 But a regular travel mug will do just fine!

Because this iced coffee uses healthy sweeteners, it is much better for you than your Starbucks or Dunkin indulgences! Start your day right with your very own iced coffee concoction!

XOXO, Chels