How many of you lovely ladies pack a lunch for school? Sometimes school lunches can be a little sketchy, you know what I mean? Tuna surprise? No thanks! Today I am going to give you some know-how on how to pack a nutritious, delicious lunch for school! There are 5 steps to packing a great lunch:

 Step 1: Starch + protein: Some easy, yummy options for this category are a turkey sandwich, a PB&J, hummus and crackers, a cheese quesadilla, and pasta with turkey.

chelsea crockett

 Step 2: Fruit: Some fruits that are great for lunches are apples, clementine, grapes, blueberries, and applesauce! All of these options are super portable and easy to pack up and go.

 Step 3: Veggies: Carrots, celery, salad, and snap peas are all yummy, easy to grab choices to throw in your lunch! Toss in some peanut butter to dip your celery in and you are good to go!

 Step 4: Snack: A few smart choices for this category are yogurt, string cheese, and granola bars!

 The last, and most important, item that should always be in your lunch is WATER! Never forget to pack a bottle of water with your lunch! Water, as you have heard from my previous articles, water is a vital part of every meal!

 Hopefully this helps you all pack kick-booty lunches! You will have all of your friends wishing they had your lunch 😉