This recipe for mini caramel apples was too cute to resist! And with autumn right around the corner, why not share a fall-inspired recipe? It’s pretty simple and perfect for a bonfire or Halloween party! Here’s what you need to get started:

First and foremost, you’ll need these ingredients: about 5 of your favorite kind of apples (this can change depending on the amount of people you’ll be serving), caramel (this recipe calls for a pack of the Kraft caramels), and nuts, which are totally optional! You’ll also need a melon baller and some wax paper to lay the caramel apples on at the end.Chelsea Crockett - Mini Caramel Apples

Start by taking the melon baller and scooping out spheres of the apple. Side note: make sure the apples are room temperature. This will help the caramel stick at the end. Next, you have to make your caramel. There are several ways of doing this, just pick your favorite online recipe! Get your wax paper ready and spray it with cooking oil. Punch in sucker sticks into each ball and dip them into the caramel. Make sure the caramel is chilled so it’s slightly thick. This way it won’t slide off as soon as they start to cool.  (This is where you add the nuts if you would like!) Also, leave them sitting out to cool instead of putting them in the fridge. Lastly, enjoy!

Love, Chelsea