Hey Insiders, did you know that some foods have negative calories? It is true! When a food has negative calories it means that it has zero calories or fat! These foods are great to snack on because they don’t count towards your calories and you can eat as much of them as you want! They are super healthy snacks to fill up on instead of high calorie foods. Heres a list of a few:

-Asparagus                   – Carrots

-Celery                           – Cucumberfruits_and_vegetables-other

-Lettuce                          – Apples

-Blueberries                   – Tomato

-Broccoli                           – Watermelon

All of these yummy foods have zero calories and are super good for you! Reach for these instead of a pop tart or bag of Cheetos! You can do it ladies, make those healthy choices! Who knew there was such a thing as zero calorie foods?! You learn something new every day!

XOXO, Chels