Grapes are the perfect snack to take to school with you. They aren’t messy, they are easy to grab and go, and they are tasty! Want to make them even tastier? Toss Nutella and nuts into the mix! Here is how to make tasty Nutella grape bites that are perfect for school lunches, snacks, and even great to take to friend’s houses! The best part is…they only take 5 minutes to make!!


  • Nutellagrape2-e1413946464385
  • Bag of green grapes
  • Nuts (any kind you want. I prefer pecans!)

Wash your grapes and then let them dry. Dip the bottom half of each grape in the Nutella, and then roll them in the crushed nuts. I like to freeze my grapes after that to make them a cool treat, but you can store them at room temperature if you prefer! These are a great when you just want a “pop” of dessert and need a quick way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Your friends will be swiping these out of your backpack once they see you with these tasty treats!

XOXO, Chels


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