If you ever have a craving for something ooey, gooey, sweet and delicious, then these Rice Krispies are just what you need! They take one minute to make, you make them in the microwave, and they are just the right size for easy snacking. Here is how to make them!


  • ½ tbsp. unsalted butterdownload
  • 4 large or ½ cup mini marshmallows
  • 1 cup of Rice Krispies cereal

In a coffee mug, microwave the butter on high until it is melted, then add in the marshmallows. Microwave them for 20 more seconds, make sure they don’t overflow! Remove from the microwave and stir until smooth, then stir in the cereal. Once it is well blended, you can enjoy your very own rice crispy in a mug! This recipe will be a hit when I’m in college and don’t have an oven at my disposal!

XOXO, Chels

Recipe via: http://www.thecomfortofcooking.com/2015/02/1-minute-microwave-rice-krispies-treats-in-a-mug.html