Hello girls!  With the hot, sunny weather that comes along with summer, you’ll need something to cool you off.  What’s a better way to do so than a cool, yummy snack?  One of my favorite summer treats are popsicles.  Although most contain large amounts of sugar, there are a few do-it-yourself recipes that are healthy and just as good!  Here is one of them.

            Chelsea Crockett -Yogurt PopsiclesA delicious substitution for popsicles is a yogurt pop.  They’re easy to make and taste great!  All you need is a container of your favorite yogurt.  Then cut a small line in the top of the yogurt and place a wooden stick for holding inside.  Make sure the yogurt cups are narrower at the bottom than the top.  Then, set them on a flat surface inside your freezer for an hour or two until they become frozen.  After you take them out, run the outside of the container under warm water and the yogurt pop should slip right out!  Yum!

            Another creative way to make popsicles for the sugar lovers out there is with Kool Aid.  Make a jar of your favorite flavor of Kool Aid.  For the next step, you’ll need popsicle molds to put your Kool Aid in.  Once you have them, pour in your Kool Air and put plastic wrap over the top.  Set them in the freezer until it becomes solid enough to hold a wooden stick in place.  Put it back in the freezer until they become frozen.  Once they’re solid, take them out and enjoy!      

            These are only a couple do-it-yourself recipes and there are many more to try out!  Enjoy!