During the school year, we often don’t eat as healthy as we do during the fall.  It’s easy to throw in some chips and cookies instead of making a nutritious school lunch with fruits and vegetables.  Luckily, there are several easy substitutes to making a quick, healthy lunch that won’t take up your morning!

First off, start with the easy alternatives.  Instead of white bread, try whole-wheat.  There’s barely a difference in the tastes and it has many other benefits that white bread doesn’t.  Chelsea Crockett - Bread

Another switch you can make is from fruit cups to fresh fruit.  Fruit cups may seem to be good for you but they are actually filled with sugar.  Throwing in a fresh banana or apple is always the way to go!

If you like junk food (which let’s face it… who doesn’t?), then it’s pretty tempting to throw in a couple bags of chips!  If you must, buy baked chips.  Although they’re still not your healthiest choice, they are better than nothing!  If you have to have a little chocolate after your meal, try dark chocolate instead of milk.  Dark chocolate covered raisins are a yummy treat for after your lunch… and they are a lot better for you than cookies or cupcakes!

How do you stay healthy during the school year?  Let me know your secrets below!