Staying healthy and fit is always on my goal list for the summer. My family and I have recently jumped on a smoothie kick. They are packed with nutrition and taste heavenly!  You can blend together fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, spinach (yes!), and even kale for some extra vitamins.  At first we started following online recipes by measuring and adding low fat yogurt, apple juice, etc.  Some recipes even call for oatmeal, cereal, peanut butter, or nuts.  After you master your smoothie skills, you can let your imaginations run and whip up your own smoothie recipe! I love smoothies especially in the summer. They’re super healthy and are perfect after a nice run or work out.

If you want to get started, Chelsea Crockett - NutriBulletthen be sure to buy a good blender. At Target, you can buy a small blender called a NutriBullet which is easy to use and fast to whip up. It’s small and comes with some cups to make your smoothies in and drink right from the cup itself.  Although this is just a suggestion, any blender can work!  Next, get online and find a couple good recipes that you think you’d like to try and shop for the ingredients.  After you get used to making some to-die-for smoothies, then you can start to get creative with your own concoctions!  Be sure to tweet me your favorites!  I might want to give them a try!

Happy blending! –Chels 🙂