What are the two words every teenager longs to hear? “Snow Day”! As you have probably seen on my Instagram, it snowed in my hometown this week! All of the snow got me thinking about what you can MAKE with snow! Did you know that you can make ice cream out of snow? You totally can! Check out the recipe below and try it out!


-1 gallon of snowchelsea crockett snow ice cream

-1 cup white sugar

-2 cups of milk

-1 tbs vanilla extract


So what you do is you take a big bowl outside with you and scoop some snow (about 2 gallons) into it! Make sure its clean snow, none of that yellow snow ;). Next, stir in the vanilla and sugar to taste.  Gradually stir in the milk so that it does not melt the snow. Once you have reached the consistency that you desire, serve it! This type of recipe should be served immediately after you make it because of the snow. That stuff melts FAST! And, snow ice cream is not really that good if you freeze it to use again. Next time it snows at your house, try out this super unique recipe!


Comment below if you try this yummy winter treat and tell me how you like it!

XOXO, Chels