If you haven’t eaten a whole 1 pound bag of Sour Patch kids on a road trip and then not been able to feel your mouth for a solid 3 hours afterwards, you have never really lived. Just kidding, but all jokes aside, I could put away a pretty hefty amount of those sour dudes. If you are like me and love sour candy but don’t love all of the bad-for-you sugar in them, check out these “Sour Patch” grapes!


  • 1/3 box Jolly Rancher Watermelon Jello mixSour-Patch-Grapes-432a299b0a46f29d9a1298e9727ec2b718001a44
  • 1/3 box Jolly Rancher Green Apple Jello mix
  • 1/3 box lemon Jello mix
  • 1/3 box orange Jello mix
  • 3 pounds green grapes
  • 1 cup of water

Pour 1/3 of each box of Jello into small separate bowls. Have your grapes sitting in a bowl of water. Take a grape out of the bowl and poke a toothpick through it in the spot where the stem was, and hold on to the grape using the toothpick while rolling the grape in the Jello mix. Set them on a baking sheet covered in wax paper. After alternating dipping flavors for each grape and all of the grapes are rolled, place them in the fridge until they are chilled. Done!

My friends love these. They are great movie night snacks when you really want to stuff your face with candy but you know prom and summer are coming up so you have to keep your hot bod maintained. Ya feel?

XOXO, Chels

Recipe via: http://dinnerthendessert.com/sour-patch-grapes-healthier-than-the-candy/