Nothings better than walking into the kitchen and smelling fresh pies, cookies, and everything sweet!  It’s the ultimate sign that Christmas is right around the corner.  While cookies are good and all, there are a variety of fun Christmas goodies you can whip up with your friends and family to give away as a unique gift or enjoy yourself.  Check out a few of my favorite Christmas goodies!Chelsea Crockett- caramel hot chocolate fudge

Fudge and bark are two of my favorite chocolaty treats!  Fudge is typically a lot sweeter, while bark is more like a chocolate bar with candies added.  One of my favorite holiday barks is peppermint bark with white chocolate and candy canes.  A wonderful Christmas fudge is caramel hot chocolate fudge.  It’s just like the drink!

If you love salty and sweet combined, try pretzel M&M hugs (cute, right?).  All you need is a bag of square pretzels, Hersey kisses, and the Christmas red and green M&M’s.  Place a kiss on top of each pretzel, set them in the oven at 200 degrees for 4 minutes, and then top each kiss with an M&M.  Slide the cookie sheet in the fridge to cool and you’re ready to dig in!  It’s as simple as that!

Try looking up the recipes to my favorite goodies and making them yourself!  You’ll be the family favorite!

Merry Christmas!