Hey insiders,
               Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  It’s always fun to bake something creative for that special someone in your life.  It’s also fun to bake treats for others that you love like your grandparents, your friends, or even a teacher.  Below I’ve included three different goodies that would make anyone’s mouth water.
               I always love to bake heart shaped cut out cookies.  A relative’s sugar cookie recipe is the always the best way to go.  My family and I like to use different shaped sizes of hearts and decorate them with pink, red, white, and purple icing.  We top them off with sugar sprinkles.
              Another yummy idea is to bake a heart shaped cake!  You can purchase a heart shaped pan or two and bake a cake in them.  Chelsea Crockett - Rice CrispiesHave fun icing for decorating your cake.  This will show your “special someone” that you took the time to make something fun and creative.  And don’t forget delicious!  
               If baking is not your thing, you can always make some rice crispy treats on the stove top.  You can use a cookie cutter to cut heart shapes out of the treats. You can also use popsicle or lollipop sticks to slide into each snack.  Feel free to decorate the rice crispy treats with icing if you really LOVE sugar!  I hope these ideas will help you spread love this Valentine’s Day!

                                                                         Hugs and kisses,