Experts say that soda is an addiction that is similar to the addiction people have with drugs alcohol. It may taste good when you are drinking it, but it has terrible effects on your body in the long run. It negatively effects every part of your body, and your health will improve SO much when you replace it with water. Ill explain.


Brain: When you are tired, do you reach for a Diet Coke or a sugary drink? It may give you a temporary energy boost, but after a while soda can actually have a negative effect on your brain. Eventually it can lead to impaired learning and memory! This is because the sugars and saturated fat can influence your brain function. Prevent this by just not drinking soda.why-is-diet-soda-bad-for-you


Teeth: Soda absolutely destroys your teeth, so saying see-ya to it will lead to better teeth and gums. Soda can even do as much damage to your teeth as much as drugs can. Yuck!


Bladder: Soda causes you to need to go to the bathroom urgently and often because it is a diuretic. It also can irritate your bladder and cause infection! Keep your bladder healthy, avoid soda!


Weight loss: One of the easiest ways to lose weight is to cut out soda. Even cutting it down to one soda a day can make a world of a difference. It may be hard, but you will quickly start to see positive results!



I have cut soda out of my diet, now it is your turn! 

XOXO, Chels