If you asked a group of 100 girls what their favorite season was, I guarantee you at least 80 of them would tell you it is fall! There is just something about that sensational season that we all cannot get enough of. All of my beauty guru gals out there love fall especially! Autumn is a great time for beauty and fashion and everything girly. Here is why!

  1. You have an excuse to change your hair color: In the cooler fall months I like to dye my hair dark brown or even chestnut. FullSizeRender (21)Richer hair colors are just classic for fall!
  2. Knee high socks, baby: I love knee highs, especially with a cute skirt and nylons! Such a cute combo. Plus, I can skip shaving for a day or so. Score!
  3. It is completely acceptable to burn cozy candles: Hello, pumpkin pie candles. I’ve missed you so.
  4. Makeup shades change: Our trends go from soft pallets and bright pinks to rich reds and smoky eyes.
  5. Nail polish hues go edgy: I love a good oxblood nail polish. It makes me feel powerful and fierce.
  6. Trade strappy sandals for beautiful boots: Nuff said!
  7. Out with the humidity: In with the manageable hair! I can actually curl my hair without it drooping or frizzing when I step outside! Hallelujah!

These are just a few reasons we Insiders love fall. This list gets me so excited for fall to come in full swing! What are some reasons that YOU love this time of year?

XOXO, Chels