As young women, we try our hardest to be strong, brave, and independent. We want to be our own person that’s able to stand up for what we believe in. Yet this seems almost impossible to do in a society full of standards and expectations. I know how hard it can be, so I put together 10 steps on how to become more strong-minded.

  1. Keep control. Having control over yourself in situations allows you to respond confidently, without worrying or overthinking.  
  2. Focus on the positives. Ever since I started keeping a positive mindset, I’m able to control my thoughts and attitude. It makes a bigger difference than you think!Chelsea Crockett - Strong Minded Quote
  3. Think ahead. If you focus on what’s in front of you, then you won’t have time to worry about the little things.
  4. Don’t stress about the past. Worrying about what’s said and done is pointless. Make progress by living in the now!
  5. Accept other’s success. Comparing yourself to others will never satisfy you. Be happy for them and rid yourself of jealousy.
  6. Embrace change. Change will happen throughout your life. Knowing how to accept it with an open mind is comforting!
  7. Build confidence. Confidence is key! Feeling strength and self-assurance will change your whole view on things.
  8. Set goals and reward yourself. Achieving goals you set your mind to is one of the best feelings ever. See if you can and reward yourself!
  9. Keep a good perspective. This goes hand in hand with focusing on the positives. Be content and appreciative of your situation.
  10. Accept your flaws and weaknesses. This step is one of the most important. God made you without mistakes. Each flaw and weakness has a reason behind it!

Write these steps in your planner, in your phone, on your wall… anywhere! Learn to be strong in your decisions and throughout your life!

Love, Chelsea