I love music. Whether I’m driving, doing homework, or getting ready for school, it’s always blaring 24/7. I like all different types of music, but Christian is definitely one of my favorite genres. Over the years, I’ve discovered three bands or singers that I’m especially fond of and I wanted to share them with you :)!

  • Hillsong Young & Free – You may be more familiar with the group Hillsong United, but Hillsong Young & Free is a youth ministry that isn’t just a label, but a message and ministry as well! In a generation that needs it, their music reflects living a life with God and living according to His purpose. A lot of their music is upbeat and fun to listen to, but still tells an awesome message!Chelsea Crockett - Hillsong Young and Free
  • Jonathan David – Jonathan’s message revolves around one of freedom and wholeness in God. I love listening to his music when I’m doing homework or simply relaxing. I strongly suggest you take a listen!
  • All Sons & Daughters – This band is one of my faves! They’re a duo that preforms mainly acoustic and folk styled music, which I love! They have three full albums released and they’re all so good! If you like that type of chill, acoustic music, then I suggest you check them out.

Music is something that I continually put in my mind and body, so I always make sure it benefits me. What you listen to can help or hurt you, so listening to God’s Word is always my go-to :).

Love, Chels