Picture this: you lay down in bed after a long day, close your eyes, and toss and turn for the next three hours.  Sound familiar?  Anxiety can affect your mind and body, especially when you lay down at night and try to sleep!  We’ve all been there, but we don’t have to be!  Here are three night remedies to reduce anxiety.

  • If you know you get anxious late at night or before you go to sleep, purchase a lavender candle or lavender-scented room spray.  Light your candle 30 min before bed so your room is filled with a lavender aroma when you lay down to sleep!  Chelsea Crockett - Hot BathIf you forget to light your candle or don’t want to fall asleep with it burning, spray around your bed with lavender room spray.  The scent of lavender is proven to lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety!  Maybe even put a drop of lavender essential oil on your bed, pillow, or skin.
  • Take a hot bath!  Hot baths are already known for their relaxing aromas, but adding just a simple ingredient can make them 10x more calming.  What is it you ask?  Epsom salts!  These release an inorganic chemical called magnesium sulfate which has shown to lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety.  It truly calms you down!
  • Ever heard of chamomile tea?  Most people use it to make them sleep, but it works for anxiety just as well!  It supposedly releases chemicals that help you to relax.  There are many studies that have shown a dramatic decrease in anxiety for those who drink chamomile tea daily!

Which remedy works best for you?  Try them out and let me know!

XO – Chels