I always love finding new ways to read and study my Bible.  Starting my day off with a devotional and a little Jesus time is my favorite thing to do in the morning!  I found a new three-part devotional that focuses on a different psalm every day and allows you to create a small prayer out of each one.  The three R’s stand for rejoice, repent, and request.  Start by picking a psalm and reading it a few times through!Chelsea Crockett - Psalm Devotion

  • Rejoice.  First comes first, you’re going to pick out the parts of the psalm that revolve around gratefulness and rejoicing.  Write down all of the different blessings that we can be grateful for and what we can lift up to God in thankfulness!
  • Repent.  Throughout each psalm, there are usually lines that talk about sin and things that we, as sinners, fall short of.  Write down all of the things we need to repent for whether it be gossip, judgement, etc.
  • Request.  Take what you wrote down for the last two R’s and turn them into requests to God.  What do you want Him to help you with?  How do you want to learn from these things?  This will turn into a mini prayer!

After you have your list, pray what you wrote down.  Rejoice in the good things, repent your sins, and send up your requests to God.  Try it out! 🙂

Love, Chelsea