If you’re like me, you like shopping for the cutest and trendiest school supplies whether it be decorations for your dorm or pens to take notes with.  One of my favorite things to get for the upcoming school year is a planner to keep my schedule neat and organized. There are a few brands that offer super cute planners that you can buy to get prepped for the school year like me!

  • Vera Bradley.  Chelsea Crockett - School PlannerYou’re probably most familiar with Vera Bradley’s stylish school supplies from pens to laptop cases to planners!  You’re also probably familiar with their fun, floral patterns that their known for. They offer different colored planners so you can find one to match the rest of your school supplies!
  • Lilly Pulitzer.  If you like bright colors and fun patterns, then Lilly Pulitzer is for you!  The planners on the right show two of their most popular styles.  I love the fun elephants and floral prints they offer!  Each page helps you keep your weeks scheduled and organized.
  • Kate Spade.  Kate Spade’s whole style is simple yet stylish.  They only offer a few different planners, but they’re all super cute and will satisfy your planning needs!

Where do you get your planner for the school year?  Let me know below and maybe I’ll check it out, too!

XOXO – Chels