Shopping vintage can give you some of the best hidden gems and forgotten styles out there! There are tons of styles that are making a comeback, along with different vintage things to add to your Christmas list.  Here are a few of my favorites to channel your old-school side!

One of my favorite throwback styles of shoes is Adidas’ Superstar sneakers. The original version was introduced in 1963 and is back in action!  The shoe is widely available and super affordable.  I love to throw them on with shorts, jeans, or even a cute T-shirt dress.  You can wear them with just about anything to create the perfect street-style look.

Chelsea Crockett - Calvin Klein CrewneckAnother fun vintage look is a Calvin Klein or Adidas crewneck sweatshirt. These slouchy, oversized sweatshirts are often color blocked for a retro fashionable style or solid with an apparent vintage logo.  This is a classic “90’s” look and can be paired with leggings and sneakers.  Check out the picture on the left for example!

Apart from clothing, Urban Outfitters supplies all your other vintage needs.  They sell old-school record players, records, and Polaroid cameras! These are the perfect addition to your Christmas list!  (The record player can even be a cute decoration for your room!)

Be sure to shop at your resell-it stores to see what you can find yourself!

Merry Christmas! – Chels