I often hear people say “Man, I wish I had a better metabolism and could eat anything I wanted.” It is true, a fast metabolism is something that a lot of us wish for. Luckily, it can be achieved! There are a lot of things you do every day unknowingly that are driving your metabolism down, so it is important to drop these habits if you want to improve your metabolism. As we get older our metabolism naturally slows, so it is really important to keep these things in mind!

  1. Sitting all day: When you sit all day it causes your body to turn off at the metabolic level as your circulation slows. Your fat burning enzymes turn off and your blood sugar is used less. Try getting up and walking every hour or so to wake your circulation up. I know this can be hard, being in school or work all day, but walking to class can help wake that circulation up.
  2. Not getting enough snooze time: Not getting enough sleep can cause our metabolism to slow down to conserve energy. Sleep deprivation also increases our cortisol levels, which lowers the hormones that are used to metabolize nutrients.
  3. Drinking too little H2O: Water isn’t the most fun drink to guzzle (I mean, Dr. Pepper tastes pretty much 10x better), but it is the best thing for you. It can speed your metabolism up almost 30% after you drink some down!
  4. Eating at bad times: Your body has a natural rhythm that goes with your sleep and wake cycle, and it has a hard time digesting food at night. People who eat later at night burn less calories than those who eat earlier in the evening, studies prove it! Also, eating light meals during the day and then a big meal at night is not smart.

Staying away from these metabolism-slowing habits helps you kick your calorie-burning power into gear, but you still need to eat healthy and exercise to be as healthy as you can be.

XOXO, Chels