Yes, first dates are all about getting dressed up and having a night out with your crush.   And along with excitement comes nerves and butterflies! Most of the time, you might not know much about your crush. You may worry about running out of things to say. To avoid awkward silences, here are some conversation starters!

  1. Ask if they play any sports or instruments. Oftentimes guys love to talk about sports. You can always spark up a good convo with a sports fan! If they don’t like sports, maybe they’re into music or art! Either way, it’s fun to hear about their interests and hobbies!
  2. Ask about their friends and family. It’s fun and sometimes important to learn about the people they spend their time with!
  3. As much as we don’t like to talk about school, it can sometimes take the place of awkward silences. Asking what classes they’re in can bring up common interests.
  4. Ask about the future! I don’t mean asking about how many kids they want or where they want to live when they get older… TMI! Try asking if they have any fun summer plans or about where they’re going to college!
  5. Come up with a question or comment about the date you’re on. If you’re at a restaurant, ask what they’re getting or what looks good to them. If you’re mini golfing, make comments on who’s winning or what the score is!

Most of the time, conversations tend to flow nicely, so you should have nothing to worry about! But if you need to stir up the convo, hopefully these will help you out and calm your nerves!

XO – Chels