A Christ-based relationship is the only option for me in the present and future, as I grow and mature. Having faith not only as a person but as a couple as well is very important. There are certain things in a Christian relationship that should become and remain a habit to keep your relationship healthy in Christ!

  1. Pray together. I cannot stress this enough. Learning to open up your hearts and talk to God together is a huge step in your relationship. You’ll also discover some things your boyfriend may be struggling with, and you can pray for those things as well on your own time!Chelsea Crockett - Christian Relationship
  2. Read the Bible and devotionals together. Every night, pick a few scriptures to talk about and discuss. It’s nice to hear what someone else has to say about a certain passage or verse.
  3. Go to church. Going to church is crucial in your walk of faith. Knowing you have someone to encourage you and join you each Sunday is an awesome feeling.
  4. Volunteer or take mission trips. This will not only change the lives of others, but will give you and your boyfriend tons of great memories together.
  5. Surround yourselves with other Christian couples. Surrounding yourself with good people is key to staying true to yourself, whether you’re in a relationship or not!

Follow these steps and your relationship will not only grow together but in Christ too!

Love, Chelsea