Ladies, our time of the month is never fun.  It’s annoying, painful, and sometimes we even have to plan things around it!  It’s just a part of life that we have to deal with.  That being said, there are certain things we can do to make them a little less awful!  Here are 5 hacks that will make you think differently about your period.

  • Buy a heating pad.  Heating pads work wonders when it comes to cramps. Chelsea Crockett - Exercise I suggest getting one that doesn’t have a cord so you don’t have to deal with the hassle.  Most are microwavable so they’re quick and easy!
  • Cut out the caffeine.  Caffeine can cause your body to retain more water which will make your bloating worse than it already is.
  • Start taking Advil/Ibuprofen two days before your period starts.  Your body starts releasing hormones a couple days before your period actually begins.  Stay ahead of all of the cramps and pain!
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise.  When you work out, your body releases hormones called endorphins that make your body feel good.  They work on canceling out the bad hormones from your period!
  • Go to bed early.  Periods often cause fatigue which leads to long, tiresome days.  A little extra sleep is never a bad idea!

Let me know what hacks you use for when you’re on your period!

XO – Chelsea