First dates can be the most fun, yet most intimidating, encounters.  Sometimes the conversations flow perfectly and you hit it off right away.  But other times conversations become awkward and you run out of things to talk about!  Since I know from personal experience that those situations can be super awkward, here are five guaranteed non-awkward first date ideas!

  • Go see a movie. Okay, now I know this might be basic but still take it into consideration! It’s not going to be awkward because you’ll be watching a movie the whole time! There won’t be time for awkward pauses or dull conversation.
  • Go to a school sporting event. Whether you’re in high school or college, going to a game together is fun and gives you something to talk about. You can even get a big group of friends to go with you!
  • Go to the zoo. The zoo is always a chill date that’s fun and relaxing! Sometimes during the winter, zoos will do a holiday festival with Christmas lights and music. Keep an eye out for those seasonal events!
  • Go to a food festival. What’s better than dressing up cute and eating good food? Enjoy sampling tasty snacks and seasonal treats with your date!
  • Be a tourist in your own city. Spend the day exploring with your date.  Think of all the cool places in your town that you’ve never tried!  Make a list and go on an all-day adventure!

Try suggesting one of these ideas next time you get asked out on a date! 🙂

XO, Chelsea