I love taking pictures and updating my Instagram feed.  It’s something that I find fun and entertaining!  Every time I post a picture, I like to make sure it has the best edit and quality it can have.  So, if you’re like me, here are 5 picture editing hacks to ensure you the best Instagram worthy pics! 🙂

  • Play around with the exposure. When it comes to taking pictures, lighting is everything.  Adjust the exposure and brightness of your photo to make sure you can clearly see the quality of the picture!
  • Try out VSCO. VSCO is a pro editing app that has all your photo editing needs! There are tons of different filters that edit your picture in a variety of ways so you can pick your favorite one! You can change anything on your picture from brightness to color.Chelsea Crockett - VSCO
  • Sharpen it up. The sharpening tool should become your new best friend!  It can make a picture go from blurry to sharp at the click of a button. I use this tool on almost all of my pictures!
  • Enhance the highlights and shadows. Although you may be more unfamiliar with these effects, you can increase or decrease the highlights and shadows in your pic to your liking!  These can even help sharpen up your picture by eliminating too much highlight or too many shadows.
  • Turn up the saturation. If you want some more pop of color in your photo, turn up the saturation!  I love bringing out the bright colors and making the picture more fun!

Have any other creative tips for me?  Share with me below!

Xoxo – Chels