As you all know, I have recently started stepping up my workout game! Ever since then I have had so much more energy and have noticed an amazing difference in my mood! I want to give you all a few reasons why you should get off your booty and crank out some jumping jacks!


1. Relieves you of stress. Had a bad day at home or school? Go on a walk or run and see how much it can help de-stress you!

2. Keeps your brain fit. Want to be the next Bill Gates? Then get movin’!

3. Improves skin tone and health. Exercise can help relieve your skin of acne and blemishes!chelsea crockett

4. Makes you feel happier. I can totally vouch for this! When I am working out with my group of friends, we have a total blast!

5. Keeps your body fit and active. This one is kind of a given!


If you want workout inspiration, check out my video on YouTube called “My Fitness Routine + How to Eat Healthier”!

XOXO, Chels