In today’s society, it can be hard to know your worth. There are too many guidelines and standards on what social norms a teenage girl should be living by. Growing up, there were many things that I wish I could’ve told myself that I’m still telling myself now. I put together some encouraging thoughts that may be helpful if you’re struggling in your life or in your daily walk of faith.

  • You are loved, whether you have a boyfriend or not, or whether you have a million friends or not.Chelsea Crockett - Bible Verse
  • You do not need a boyfriend to know your worth. Of course, all girls love for their crush to compliment them and to tell them how pretty they are. But just because you don’t have a boyfriend assuring you doesn’t mean you should think bad about yourself. God loves you and all your flaws!
  • You are not defined by your grades, your GPA, or your social life. There is so much emphasis on ACT scores, getting into a good college, etc. God loves you whether you’re at the top or bottom of your class.
  • Never feel like you need to fit in by dressing a certain way or going outside of your comfort zone.
  • Don’t dwell on the past. Your mistakes do not define you but only shape you into who you are today.

Hopefully this gives you a little encouragement to help you as you grow into the amazing person God made you to become!

Love, Chelsea