No matter what stage life you are in, whether you are in high school, college or beyond, you are going to face a few job interviews in your day. It is so important to know what employers are looking for, both positive and negative, when they interview people. Here are a few “red flags” that employers look for in interviews so that you can avoid them and get the job you want!

  1. Badmouthing your past employers: Even if you had a bad experience with a past employer, it is a bad idea to badmouth them or complain about them during an interview. You don’t want te people interviewing you thinking that if you were to leave their workplace that you would badmouth them
  2. Your attire isn’t interview-appropriate: Not all interviews require a pantsuit or formal business attire, but it is always a good idea to dress as professionally as you can. You can easily go to a thrift store or Target for affordable interview attire. A lot of employers will immediately put your resume in the “no” pile if you do not dress for success.
  3. You’re tardy: Accidents happen, and being late isn’t always 100% our fault. But showing up late to an interview without a warning or explanation gives off a bad vibe. It may make your potential employer think that you don’t care about the interview and that if you worked for them, you would be late to work.
  4. Your nerves take over: It is normal to be nervous during a job interview! But, it is a good idea to try and handle your nervousness and keep your nervous ticks (like talking with your hands or talking too fast) in control so they don’t overtake the interview.

Hopefully these tips help you land your dream job by killin’ the interview!

XOXO, Chels