The “Freshman 15” is always under debate.  Is it real?  Can it actually happen to me?  Truth is, it can happen, but it can also be easily prevented!  Since I’m going to be battling it myself this year, I thought I’d come up with a few tips on how I’ll be staying healthy my freshman year.  I hope these help you, too!

  1. Stock your mini fridge with only healthy snacks.  If you only allow yourself to buy healthy food, then you won’t have the temptation to eat junk food!
  2. Cover your windows with dark curtains so you can assure yourself complete darkness when you sleep.Chelsea Crockett - Sworkit  You may not realize it, but sleep is very important when it comes to your mental and physical health.
  3. Set a fitness plan that works with your class schedule.  If you don’t plan out your workouts, you’ll find yourself with little to no time left at the end of the day!
  4. Practice a small-space workout that you can do in your dorm room.  For those days that you’re too lazy to leave your room, find a simple ab, leg, or arm workout that you can do in your own dorm!  There are plenty of apps like the one on the right that you can download that will plan out a workout for you!
  5. Wear your workout clothes to class and walk everywhere!  If you’re on a big campus, then getting your steps in isn’t hard.  Also, if you plan on working out straight after class, simply where your exercise clothes to save some time and encourage you to hit the gym!

What other tips do you use for keeping fit in college?  Let me know so I can try them out at my school, too!

XO – Chelsea