For me, getting out of bed is a chore.  I can hit my snooze button again and again before I force myself to actually start my day.  If you’re a morning person, you might find it easy to hop out of bed, but for those who aren’t morning people, you could use a few tips on how to make getting out of bed an easy part of your day!

  1. Turn the temperature up in your room.Chelsea Crockett - Staying in Bed  I know for me, it’s so much harder to get out from under my warm blankets when my room is freezing cold.  Turn up the thermostat to make it easier on your body.
  2. Prepare a good breakfast to look forward to.  I’m much more willing to get out of bed when I know I have a delicious meal ahead.  I love food, so this acts as a little reward or motivator!
  3. Switch up your morning routine.  It’s hard getting out of bed when you know you have the same boring routine to go through.  Switch it up a little!  Maybe change breakfast meals or workout in the morning instead of after school.
  4. Go to sleep earlier.  This may seem like common sense, but getting a good amount of sleep will make you feel more alive in the morning!
  5. Open up your blinds or curtains.  This might seem like the last thing you want to do, but if your room is pitch-black, you’ll never want to get out of bed!

I hope this makes your mornings a little less dreadful!

XO – Chels