All of us girls can agree on one thing: breakups are the worst.  No one enjoys breaking it off with someone or especially being broken up with!  Although they’re never fun, there are some breakups that are better than others.  Here are 5 different types of breakups that most of us have experienced at least once!

  1. The friendly breakup.  Aren’t these the best?  You know and agree that you both aren’t right for each other so you end on a civil note.  You can still have friendly conversations without it being awkward or hostile!   
  2. The heartbreaking breakup.  These breakups are the ones you never ever want to experience.  They’re the breakups that leave you with sleepless nights and lots of heartache.  If you’ve experienced this before, just know you’re not alone! 
  3. The angry breakup.  Having built up grudges and anger especially at the end of a breakup makes parting ways 10x harder.  I know for me, I hate when people are mad at me or when a situation leaves me boiling up inside!
  4. The one-sided breakup.  Depending on what side you’re on, you can either leave feeling relieved or extremely heartbroken.  It’s the worst when you’re more invested in someone than they are in you.  
  5. The end result breakup.  This is the breakup that you both expected no matter how much you wanted to deny it.  I think we’ve all experienced this at some point in our dating life.  You didn’t want to admit it, but you knew breaking up would be the end result!

Which breakup do you think is the worst?  One day we’ll have a relationship that won’t ever have to end in a breakup!

Love, Chelsea