My girlfriends are the people that hold me together.  They’re the people I run to when I’m having a good day, a bad day, or just want to kick back and binge watch One Tree Hill with.  Although all of my BFF’s have a lot of things in common, they’re also extremely different, too!  Here are 5 types of friends every girl needs!

  1. The Best Friend.  Every girl needs that friend that is their go-to for everything.Chelsea Crockett - Best Friend  If all else fails, you know you have that one best friend that will always, always be there for you in any situation.  This friend is so important!
  2. The Mom Friend.  This friend is someone who won’t hesitate to correct you if you’re wrong.  She’ll make sure to take care of you when you need it, but to also help steer you down the right path.  (She also gives the best advice!)
  3. The Fun Friend.  Having a fun, adventurous friend that’s always down for anything and everything is the perfect person to pull you out of your comfort zone.  Maybe this friend will convince you to go skydiving or on that rollercoaster you’ve always chickened out of.  Let her tag you along on her crazy adventurous!
  4. The Sister Friend.  This friend is the one you go to for all your advice.  She’s the one who will sit and listen to you at any hour of the night!
  5. The Stick-Up-For-You Friend.  We all need that friend that will stick up for us when we can’t defend ourselves.  You know this friend will have your back in any situation!

Which friend is which in your own girl squad?  I know each type of friend is a good one to keep around! 🙂

XOXO, Chelsea