Everything comes from God and everything can be credited back to the creator of the universe.  The sky, the ocean, our family, our house… these are just a few examples of the many things God has so graciously given us.  But other things, the not so good and the not so desired, can be hard to know if they’re actually from God.  Here are 5 ways to know if something is from God!

  • Simply ask. Pray. There is so much more power in prayer than we realize. Ask God to reveal to your heart whatever it is you’re struggling with.  You will hear God’s tiny whispers that can reveal so much more than you thought prayer could!
  • Look into scripture. Without even realizing it, some of the answers you’re searching for can be written directly into scripture.  Even simply googling “What does the Bible say about _____” can give you answers that are guaranteed to be from God since they’re written in His word!
  • Ask someone more knowledgeable about the topic. If you have a spiritual leader in your life, ask them for their own opinion.  Sometimes all we need is someone else’s input to see what we’re missing.
  • Be patient. Patience is key!  I can’t stress this enough.  Maybe God doesn’t want you to know right away what he’s doing in your life.  Be still!
  • Trust that God has your best interest. Sometimes we don’t always want what God has placed in our life, but I assure you it’s something God knows we need.

I hope this helps you in times of confusion and frustration.  Remember that every good and perfect gift comes from God!

Love, Chelsea